Be the "State Promotional Leader"

world blood donor day 2021

Poster Design Competition
17 to 25th June, 12pm

contest guidelines

poster Type

Both handmade and graphics made poster are acceptable.

Poster theme

The theme of the competition is "Encouraging people towards blood donation".


Use of any organisational logo, any hateful, abusive & illegal content or images are strictly prohibited.

Poster Size

Square size (i.e. length=breadth) poster is acceptable. One poster or group of posters with contents related to encouraging people towards blood donation (max 10 posters) are acceptable.


Posters will be uploaded on all social media accounts of The Martian Army. The posters having a minimum of total 700 likes and 20 shares by 25th June 2021, 12 PM adding from all social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) will be eligible for the position of "State Promotional Leader". The poster having maximum likes & shares will be declared as the winner of the contest.


The winner of the event will be given a certificate of merit and their name will be featured on all social media handles. Moreover, they will be eligible for the position of the "State Promotional leader" at The Martian Army.