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Eligibility criteria to donate plasma

You can Donate Plasma if
  • You are aged between 18-60 years.
  • You Weigh above 55 Kilograms.
  • A prior diagnosis of COVID-19 (as documented by a diagnostic test at the time of illness by RT-PCR from a Govt. Recognized Laboratory)
  • You must have recovered from Covid-19 disease with complete resolution of symptoms and at least one negative Lab test before 28 days of donation.
You can’t Donate Plasma if
  • You are diabetic & under insulin.
  • Your blood pressure is more than 100-140 mm Hg (systolic) and 60-90 mm Hg (diastolic) with or without medications.
  • You have uncontrolled diabetics or hypertension with change in medication in last 28 days.
  • You are a Cancer survivor.
  • You have Chronic Kidney/Heart/Lungs or Liver disease.
  • Women, who have ever been Pregnant.

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